Welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy my paintings.  I make representational art with oil paints as my medium. I love its flexibility, buttery texture and the ability to manipulate the paint in ways that only oils allow.  I find the light and shadows in a scene or still life and let that determine the colors and shapes as I go along rather than painting directly from a photograph.  For plein air (outdoor) paintings, I start them outside with small studies to get a real feeling for the atmosphere, light and color, and complete them in my studio.

For my subjects, I explore light and color in everyday things like my veggies from the market sitting on the counter in my kitchen just as a ray of sun shines on them, or a reading chair at night in the warm glow of a street light shining through the window. I love being outdoors so you will also find some spectacular scenes of mountain views, some calming cool mountain streams, buildings with interesting shadows or reflections, or flowers and even colorful visitors to my butterfly garden.

My work is currently shown at the Market Gallery in Roanoke, Virginia, on my Instagram and Facebook pages, in occasional shows (see my Events page for up to date information,) and here on my website. I hope you will like and follow my pages and if you see something that would look great in your home or office, go to the Contact page to inquire about how to purchase a piece or visit the gallery site at www.marketgalleryroanoke.com where you can purchase a piece directly from the on-line store.  We would love for you to come downtown and visit us at the Market Gallery in person (bring a mask!). See my Galleries page for the address.






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